Cold Process Organic Bar Soap – Assorted Scents

Cold Process Bar Soap
Handmade Soap


Get clean and smelling fresh without harsh chemicals. These handmade bars are 100% natural and perfect scrub-ups for both your kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower.

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All-natural soap that leaves you squeaky clean without harsh chemicals and toxins. All bars are handpoured featuring only 100% natural ingredients.


-organic coconut oil | raw shea butter | organic harvested vegetable shortening | organic olive oil | lye | distilled water | pure essential oils | organic flowers and herbs | organic spices and salts | pure love

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Calendula + Chamomile, Cinnamon + Ginger, Cocoa + Mint, Lavender + Oatmeal, Morning Blend (Coffee + Orange), Orange + Clove, Rosemary + Spearmint, Sea Salt + Peony, Seaweed + Eucalyptus


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