Peppermint Foot Salve



Soothe and treat those tired and/or dry, cracked feet! Our Peppermint Foot Salve is blended using 100% natural ingredients to help soften and repair those barking dogs.


Let’s be honest: your feet are in need of some love. From working 8-5 in heels to strolling in sandals or barefoot on warm weekends and everything in between, your pads aren’t looking or feeling so hot. We created our Peppermint Foot Salve to help. Apply it regularly to soften tough skin, soothe dryness and cool aches and pains.

100% Natural Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, peppermint essential oils

Handmade and handtested in small batches in downtown Reno, NV

Vegetarian | Gluten-Free | Cruelty-Free


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